This practice uses unimposed natural positions to rediscover the rhythmic life currents within the body. It also balances, centres and grounds your energy, mind and body and sharpens your awareness.


Balakrama – Stepping into Strength

This prelude works the blood, bones and inner strength. This is the first prelude andIt works the feet to release deeply held tension and corrects the actions of the lower body.  Here the breath is stabalised and Uddiyana Bandha is introduced


Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam – Churning of the Shadow Warrior

This prelude continues the focus on co-ordinating movement, breath and power. This prelude starts with a sequence of uttenasana variations, working the hips, Glutes, hamstrings, ITB and abductors. It also works the circulatroy, respiratory and digestive systems. The second part of the prelude centres, strengthens and aligns through the warrior stances. The restrictions and blockages of the hips and shoulderrs removed, cultivating the free movement of life force and breath.


Karttikeya Mandala – The Garland of Light

This is the third prelude. Here twisting and spiraling movements to free the limbs. This prelude frees the spine so the breath and life force can move unobstructed.