Working with Tanya has given me the ability to handle both personal and work related stresses with greater clarity and comfort. Her methods have enabled me to instil greater balance and calmness

Law firm

With Tanya’s work I felt self empowered, I learnt how to understand, reduce, and manage my stress, with easy to follow techniques and immediate results.”

K Mart

Tanya’s processes helped me regain my self confidence, I now have more energy and clarity of mind – I’m kicking goals again!

Country Road

“Working with Tanya I have seen mind blowing results, and I now feel totally empowered to achieve all the goals I have set myself in life”

Above and beyond Reality

“Tanya’s process is results positive, her techniques accessible – it works !”

The Confidence Men

I have known and been guided by Tanya Levy for over 10 years as my Yoga teacher.

Tanya has stayed on the path as a gifted teacher as is evident with the many students that have been consistent students of Tanya’s for more than 10 years.
A uncanny ability of Tanya is to entwine both the physical components of hatha Yoga as well as the energetic qualities that surround us all and are as important if not more so than simply attending a physically focussed class.
For any person that is seeking a gifted guide of Hatha yoga and the energetic principles of nature then Tanya Levy is the person to seek guidance from.



Reclaim your power and understand how you operate energetically in this world. This is an essential course in energy management. You will discover what you do with your energy and how these decisions affect your health, bodies, minds and emotions.