Journey into the depth of the meaning of these powerful events and understand how they can help you on your journey and your relationship with nature. Join our beautiful community at In Purpose, as we share, support, listen, and empower each other.


Booking is essential as these event usually book out

Investment: $50

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

Location: In Purpose – 76 Carlingford Street, Caulfield South, 3162.


Upcoming Dates 2019:

Winter Solstice; Tuesday June 25th

Spring Equinox: Tuesday, September 24th

Summer Solstice: Thursday December 19th


For more details or to book in please contact Tanya on 0407332212.


Winter solstice is near. Can you hear the call into the depth of your soul? The call to go within. The call to hibernate, to rest, to replenish.

Welcome to our Winter Solstice Ceremony

Please join us for a night of ritual and reflection, sharing and celebration, as we flow into the Darkness and call back the Light.


Winter Solstice is the time of the longest day and the shortest night.

A time of rest and contemplation, moving into joy and celebration.

We will sit together and journey this descent, holding space for each other as we rise up into the Light.


Come and be with community as we celebrate another turning in the Wheel of the Year.