Tanya Levy has used the last 20 years searching for the meaning of life and the purpose of hers.

Tanya has used Shadow Yoga and Nrtta Sadhana (the dance of Shiva) to sharpen her sword of discernment. Tanya has also been involved in the healing arts for well over 25 years. During this time Tanya has encountered many challenges, lessons, and changes. She has learned many different forms of healing and meditation techniques. Within the last few years Tanya has decided to offer people the best of all the techniques that she has experienced and lived.

We all know that we need to work with the mind, body, emotions and the spirit to really find balance in Life. It is though this balance that we can connect with our purpose, inner self and ultimately source.

Tanya offers her experiential knowledge and wisdom to help you uncover and discover all that is holding you back from being the best version of you. Together you will shine the light on the shadow aspects of yourself and through movement, diet, creative visualisation, correction of the bio rhythms in your auric field and reprogramming your subconscious mind, fears and  limitations and replace them with self enhancing ones.

Ultimately this is your journey. I am here to be your guide but essentially you are in charge of your process and outcome. I am here to help you empower you.

Living with purpose is a natural desire. However finding our own purpose is not always that straight forward.

I invite you on this journey back to you. To see yourself for who you are and who you are not. To work with your strengths and remove your limitations. To discover and own your natural gifts.